Dr. Arushi Prakash Gupta

Dr. Arushi Prakash Gupta

MS, FLVPEI, Pediatric Ophthalmologist,
Neurophthalmologist and Squint Specialist

Adept at

• Evaluation and examination of children of all age groups
• Objective refraction in infants and young children and spectacle prescription
• Evaluation of strabismus in terms of both motor and sensory evaluation in simple as well as complex strabismus cases including nystagmus and surgical planning
• Post-surgical management and rehabilitation after childhood cataract and squint surgeries
• Amblyopia management
• Evaluation of neuro-ophthalmological cases and interpretation of various imaging modalities
• Recognizing most syndromes related to pediatric ocular issues and experience of co-managing such cases with concerned pediatric superspecialists
• Identifying children with cerebral visual impairment and sensitizing parents to their different needs for visual and cognitive development

Surgical Experience

• Over 300 pediatric cataract surgeries for both congenital and developmental cataracts with intraocular lens implantation including complicated cataract surgeries like traumatic cataracts, ectopia lentis
• Around 50 secondary IOL implantation
• Over 500 horizontal and rectus muscle surgeries including transpositions with additional techniques like Foster’s bite, Faden’s etc and routine inferior oblique muscle surgeries with rarer superior oblique surgeries
• Around 20 re-surgeries for management of strabismus