Contoura Lasik Surgery

Get refractive error correction – Contoura Lasik Surgery.

The advanced technologies in the health care industry are to comfort the patients who are suffering from any diseases. Unfortunately, some of them are patients able to get this advanced technology assistance in their cases. Still, the researchers are working behind it to give everyone sufficient support to lead a happy life through the current system of medication and surgery. The lenses or specs removal surgery never falls out of it, Lasik surgery is brought to the user to get rid of refractive error vision problems, but only some can get it because of their cornea irregularities. To support those persons, the contoura Lasik surgery has come, also called topography-guided Lasik Surgery; it is an upgradation of Lasik surgery. This surgery can help you in removing your spectacles and lenses permanently. Get it from one of the safest Varun Eye Care in Aligarh.

What is Contoura Surgery?

The topography-guided Lasik surgery helps in removing the specs by correcting the corneal irregularities behind the visual axis. The Lasik surgery could only correct the power of a vision but the contoura vision, which goes into advancing and correcting the corneal irregularities. So when you go with comparison, the contoura surgery can give you a sharp visual outcome than Lasik.

Why Contoura is better than Lasik Surgery?

When taking the purpose contoura, Lasik surgery is performed to overcome myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Still, they get differ in their outcomes, scopes, etc. Further, it is discussed in detail; even though Lasik surgery can help you get rid of specs and lenses, the contoura surgery can bring more accuracy to your vision. The contours are a computer-aided topographic mapping technique that could map the microscopic contours of the cornea so that its productivity is higher than the other. The treatment technique of contoura is wholly based on the visual axis of the cornea. Still, in Lasik, it is based on the eyeball, so there will be more differences in their outputs. The contours are generated with the help of advanced computer analysis, which is designed with an advanced laser. Like how a fingerprint gets differs from one to another, your cornea will also get, so by understanding it, your contoura vision surgeon will plan an individualized treatment. With topography-guided Lasik surgery, your corneal abnormalities will be corrected so that the light that reaches the retina accurately is how your vision will be sharpened.

Eligibility of Contoura Vision Surgery

Contoura vision surgery is rapidly gaining popularity among this generation of people because of its quick treatment procedures. Here are the eligibility factors about who can get a contoura check for it if you are thinking about getting them,

  1. People above 18 years
  2. People with accurate prescriptions of eyewear
  3. People with no corneal pathology
  4. People who don’t have any auto-immune disorders
  5. People with myopia not greater than 9.00 D

The Procedure of Contoura Vision Surgery

The contoura vision surgery from the Lasik surgery procedures and the procedures involved,

  1. The contoura vision surgeon first checks your vision issues and the previous history of your eye-related ailments to decide your eligibility for the contoura vision surgery.
  2. Before initiating the surgery, your ophthalmologist will give local anesthesia to numb the surrounding area of your eye to avoid creating disturbances like blinking between the surgery.
  3. In post-surgery care, the ophthalmologist will suggest certain anti-inflammatories and antibiotics to prevent inflammation and other infections. 

Benefits of Contoura Vision Surgery

  1. By taking contoura vision surgery, you can reduce the dependence on spectacles and lenses.
  2. People with refractive errors will feel difficulty with night driving, but this surgery will decrease it.
  3. The sensitivity of the eye will also be decreased that glare.
  4. Improve the accuracy of vision by correcting the abnormalities of the visual axis.
  5. It is a bladeless surgical technique, so the complication is comparatively lesser.
  6. There are few post-operation restrictions.

Can Contoura get on Both Eyes?

It is a common question among people who are thinking of getting contoura surgery; of course, you can get contoura Lasik surgery on both eyes. But the only thing is you have to fulfill the requirements that are designed to get contoura treatment. To ensure you are eligible for it, you can ask your contoura Lasik surgeon of a reputed Varun Eye Care provider hospital who could help you clear your doubts and get you a safer treatment. Wearing eye makeup should be avoided from the day before surgery. Wear comfortable clothes to keep you comfortable while getting the procedure.