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Squint Eye Treatment at Home

Have you ever experienced Lazy Eyes?

Hope you would have come across the eye complications. We people are always addicted to laziness in doing routine things. At times, it becomes our practice to slow down the activities.
It is fine if you are lazy, but when it comes to your eyes, it is not a good sign. You may experience lazy eyes when your eyes are sending partial signals. When your eyes are suffering from a squint, one of your eyes will send stronger signals, and the other eye will send weaker signals. Thus it makes it difficult for the brain to process the information/commands. When you sight a moving object with your eyes, the weaker eyes find it difficult to concentrate on it. You need help to have a clear sight.
Generally, squint or lazy eyes are observed in school-going children or in the age group of 6 – 15 years old. Squint eyes are reversible, and they can be done with the help of routine eye exercises.

Relax! There is no need to panic.

What happens when you ignore lazy eyes?

People with squint eyes show abnormality when they are sighting an object. They used to focus the object from the stronger eye. The ignorance of correcting the lazy eye at the early stage will end up losing your eyesight strength. Yes! Be cautious and make no mistake in finding the medication for eye complications.
Squint eyes are easily cured, and the need for medication depends on the severity of the eye condition. When the weaker eyes are ignored continuously, then there may be a situation where you find it completely disabled to send signals to your brain.
The complications are quite alarming, and it requires immediate attention to find a cure for this problem. You turn your lazy eye into as active as the stronger eye.

Yeah! Follow the recommendations to save your eyes.

Pencil Push-ups

You may ask me why I’m recommending this exercise. Simple things are powerful and effective. Pencil pushups have shown positive results.

Yes! Great relief, right?

Pencil pushups are an easy exercise to do at your home. Instead, these exercises are simpler, and all you need is a pencil or pencil-shaped article. This eye exercise strengthens your weaker eye and increases the same co-relative eye movement. Grab a pencil and place it at your one-arm distance in front of your eye. Concentrate on the pencil tip and move the pencil front and back slowly.
Concentrate on the pencil movement with both eyes. At first, sight it with both stronger and weaker eyes. Then place a patch at your stronger eye and now concentrate on the pencil tip-forth and back movement. Proceed with the same procedure with the left-to-right movement.
Now remove the placed eye patch and concentrate on the movement. Do the exercise for 5 minutes 3 times a day. This exercise will definitely help you free from weaker eye problems. Try pencil pushups daily, and it is suitable to do it irrespective of the location where you are.
Squint eyes are improvised on daily practices, and it takes time. You are advised to stay patient and trust the process. Regular practices not only improvise your weaker eye but also helps you get clear vision in your stronger eye. Practice the pencil pushups without having blurry vision. All ophthalmologists highly suggest this eye therapy.

Barrel Cards

Barrel Cards are one of the famous and recommended squint eye exercises. This exercise involves sighting the two colors printed with varying sizes on the card sides. Place the card in front of your nose and sight the printed color.
For example, if two colors of red and green are printed on the cards, sight red color with one eye and green color with another eye. Sight the two colors at the same time, thus making the complete image as one. Sight and concentrate on the different-sized shapes that are placed linearly in a straight line.
Always start sighting from the farthest shape and spend 30 secs for every shape. The Barrel Cards help you strengthen both stronger and weaker eyes. This eye therapy sends the signal from both of your eyes. Barrel cards improvise your vision and eyesight strength. You can overcome lazy eyes at ease with regular eye exercises.

Video Games

As squint eyes are commonly observed in kids, the home eye exercises are quite challenging to make them practice on a routine basis. 

Thanks to technology. 

Video games are now introduced to increase eye strength. As kids are familiar with the games, this therapy increases their involvement in practicing the exercises. The games are featured to make the eye movement concentrate more on the moving objects. Video games are now making the change from spoilers to useful resources. You can strengthen your weaker eyes with this therapy. 

In extreme conditions, medications and surgeries are recommended to get rid of lazy eyes.